Which businesses are devoting dedicated hours to seniors / people at high risk?

Shoppers drug mart is dedicating the first hour of each day to seniors and those at high risk.


Who else?


Calgary Co-op

The Italian centre is devoting their first hour of the day to seniors and immunosuppressed Calgarians.

Sobeys is doing it too

Superstore is dedicating 1hr to seniors and immunosuppressed people between 6 and 7 am, Tuesdays and Fridays. Time may vary depending on store, best to check with them first.

Rexall pharmacy is dedicating first hour of each shopping day to 55+, and people with immunosuppressed immune systems or disabilities.

Plus they’re giving 20% off to 55+, until September 3rd.

Save on foods is dedicating 7-8am each day for seniors and people at high risk.


Walmart Canada reduced hours + dedicated hour