Objects in sky

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this because of everything going on right now, but maybe it could be something else to discuss other than covid-19. And to be clear, I don’t think these are aliens but just curious if anyone knows what they could be.

On March 16 at 3:40 pm in Chaparral I was playing outside in the backyard with my kids when I looked up and saw 11 objects in the sky. They looked further away than planes but closer than satellites. They were visible for about 5 minutes and then were gone. Anyone else see them or know what they could be?
Here’s a photo & one I zoomed in on so you can see a bit more easily.

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Ppl on Facebook suggested it’s Space X’s Starlink satellites.

Hello, if you don’t mind, please message me at timmufonalberta@gmail.com
I’m a MUFON Field Investigator and I’d like a minute of your time
Thank you very much!

Ok maybe its my dirty computer screen but Im not seeing ANY objects :thinking:

OP here. Does it make any difference that the starlink launch was on Wednesday when these pictures were taken Monday?

Everything I’m seeing about starlink shows satellites moving all in a line. Here’s these objects 3 minutes apart:

Also wanted to add that they had a pink hue.