Hope to get hitched

I’m wondering if anyone can provide insight to a simple legal marriage. All we want to do is sign a piece of paper, no ceremony, no fancy wedding. Just make it legal without an extravagant fee. But Google is giving me every option except that. I have tried looking up JPs, Commissioners, etc. Reddit is saying Calgary doesn’t do simple courthouse marriages. So if someone has first hand experience, it would be much appreciated. What was the process and how much did it cost you? Thank you in advance.

Talk to Tamara Jones. She is a JP and will be able to help you out and point you in the right direction.

We got married in Vegas. It was surprisingly easy haha. Went to the marriage license place, signed some stuff and paid the money. Next day we were married by a shitty Elvis impersonator. I think it was $500 all in.

Hopefully it’s just as easy here. Never even looked into it in Canada. Best of luck :heart:

Check out http://www.servicealberta.ca/find-a-marriage-officiant.aspx

There are a lot of different options. I chose one randomly and found this: http://www.weddingsbywilma.ca/services … $200 for a private ceremony (can be whatever you want) and she helps with the paperwork. That’s probably a fair price.