Group Video chat options

Since everyone’s stuck at home and cant go to the bar I am looking for opinions or suggestions here.

What FREE group video chats are people using for groups over 10 and over 60 min long sessions.
Must be multi OS and multi platform.

And Why are you using them vs something else?

zoom’s free limit is 3 or 4 people and 50 minutes so thats out.

skype? Hangouts? something else?


Discord has video chat. I’ve heard it’s really good too


You can try Zoom. They have relaxed their 40 minute limit because of COVID 19 and unlimited till further notice. They have a 100 people capacity using the basic package. I can walk you through Zoom if you would like. Let me know, thanks!

When we installed it and setup accounts it told us of the 4 or so person and 50 minute limit so we didn’t even try to use it.

Discord video chat + streaming bangs right now. They’ve increased the limits in response to quarantine so you can throw up to 100 people in a call.