Corporate Greed: High Profits, High Risk, Lies, Negligence

Hello Calgary,

The biggest thanks to the many companies across the city that have taken responsibility and made tough choices to ensure the safety of their customers and their employees!!

Now. With the recent news about how Costco did not let their web developers work from home until someone died, I think it is also important to highlight how this is not an isolated event. There are many corporations out there (e.g. Game Stop) that are paying lip service to the public, but in actuality are doing very little in terms of keeping employees safe or taken care of.

Many times it is just negligence or ignorance, but in some cases it is corporate greed: many companies big and small are raking in profits hand over fist.

The public has a right to know of the voices being strangled as big CEOs line up their lawyers to make sure they cannot be sued, make sure they do not need to pay for sick leave, and to ensure they take no blame when the employees start to disappear.

Please list any companies you know of that are deserving of some extra scrutiny putting everyone in danger. Do not let the bad guys win.

The internet never forgets.

NAME: (name of company)
LOCATION: (if it is a franchise, etc.)
RISK: (what populations do you serve? are there many older employees or other at-risk people? does this place have a high risk of transferring the disease to other persons)
GRIEVANCES: (not communicating with employees, not taking any precautions, dismissing suggestions, not cleaning/sanitizing, threats from employees or management or upper management, steps taken to block or silence dissent, denial of COVID-19 threat, termination of sick employees, reprimanding employees seeking time off to take care of children or the sick, increasing hours, etc.)

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