Best Shawarma Places

Shawarma Palace, on 17th Forest Lawn, has the best food.

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Is that the one that looks like it used to be a tim hortons or a maybe a pizza hut or something?

I don’t believe so. It’s a red and yellow square looking place as far as I remember haha

I agree, it does have the best food. Their samosa’s are damn good. I tried the one in Falconridge as well and it wasn’t bad. They’re open until 1am except Friday and Saturdays. They’re open until 4am then which makes it perfect for a late night snack. I’ve seen them get pretty busy around 2ish in the morning when the bar folk start heading out.

Pita grill both locations (Chinook and riverbend) are always terrific !

Beirut down by Chinook is my go to!

Beirut Street Food is the best. The only downside is that they close early…