A Local Online Radio Station for Quarantine

Hi everyone!

I got inspired by the almost apocalyptic feeling of everyone being in isolation or quarantine, and decided to make an online radio station. It plays mostly music that would fit right into the Fallout Games Series, and occasionally I hop on for some discussion, weather, news or other things.

the link to access it is http://quarantineradio.ddns.net (ddns because I cannot figure out a proper hostname)

If this doesn’t fit here, can an admin or moderator let me know? I’ll take it down or modify it if need be, I’d just like to be informed.


I’m working from home and have been shuffling all kinds of music so I’ll give it a listen. Is there a listing of what songs are on the radio anywhere?

It plays a Spotify playlist, you can find all the songs here

I just set it to broadcast any sound Spotify plays and my mic occasionally when I want it to

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Thats awesome! Ty <3